We invest in outstanding
that are changing the
in a positive way

Thirdbase capital is an energetic, growth stage VC firm, partnering with forward-thinking entrepreneurs who build exciting innovations in fintech, enterprise, and marketplace companies.

Our mission is to support visionary founders who have a solid product, and a tangible plan to achieve results. We put resources behind the best ideas we find. Thirdbase makes a lasting economic impact on growing companies, while positioning our LPs for top returns.

How We Do It

The Thirdbase Process

We invest $2m – $15m Series B to Series D into established growth stage businesses with revenues greater than $15m, growing more than 70%YOY. As a co-investor, we accelerate growth.

Our team sources time and expertise to our portfolio companies, and connects them to our extensive network of entrepreneurs, investors, and executives.

While Fintech and marketplace companies drive our investments, we reject rigidity and keep our minds open to unique opportunity. Indeed, novel ideas often reap the greatest rewards.

The Thirdbase Community

Connection is the Key

We are community-driven and committed to building strong networks. Our investors include the chief executive teams of Facebook, Twitter, Google, DoorDash, Margeta, and more. At Thirdbase, we welcome new investors – who match our drive and vision.

Our LPs are:

150+ tech executives globally

20+ family offices

3 sovereign wealth funds

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