About Team

Abhinav Gupta  is an entrepreneur and investor. He has co-founded and sold two D2C brands (The Essential Goods and White Spindle) to established players. He is also a director of Ashnoor Textile Mills (BOM: 507872), company part of his family business where he led the growth and marketing and increased revenue from $15m to north of $60m in four years.
Now, Abhinav is the chief investment officer and founder of Thirdbase Capital, a mid-stage VC fund investing in companies that are driving positive change in the world. He has deployed capital in companies like Stonks, Pipe, Metamap, Upgrade, Petal and others.

Kevin Grewal: Kevin has nearly 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, finance, private equity, and the venture capital markets. Kevin serves as an operating partner for a private equity fund and is actively involved in the venture capital markets.  When identifying companies, he is analytical driven, is drawn toward passionate and tenacious entrepreneurs, focuses on risk and reward analysis, is contrarian in nature, and looks for companies that are disrupting massive markets, are utilizing cutting edge technology, and are focused on solving complex and meaningful problems. Kevin knows how to identify when a curve ball is being pitched.